• Burnsville Developmental Disability Services

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    Office-Based Practice

    Serving the Twin Cities Metro area with offices in Burnsville, Minnesota. We offer in-office diagnostic psychiatric assessment; ongoing medication management; psychotherapy; psychiatric consultations; Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) behavior support plan development, staff training, implementation, and monitoring; parent training; and systematic desensitization for phobias; and behavioral consultations. Home visits or other off-site observations are sometimes employed to supplement office-based services. We are also proud to collaborate with a number of first rate psychotherapists, two of whom are located in the same office suite. THEY ARE Michelle “Toni” Brouillette, Ph.D., LP, and Richard Lafans, Ph.D., LP


    We offer training that runs from one-hour up to five-days and have presented them all over the world. Please follow the link below for a list of trainings, and their duration. Read More...

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    This service is designed to provide new ideas for persons with IDD whose behaviors/ symptoms are characterized by
    • Severe Problems: The individual’s problem is usually aggression to self or others with a high degree of severity, but can be other life threatening problems.
    • Long Term, typically these problems have been occurring for years and sometimes decades.
    • Treatment Resistant: It seems that everything has been tired and nothing works.
    For a complete description of the Comprehensive Assessment and the Comprehensive Assessment Questionnaire if you decide to proceed, please follow the below link. Read More

    Values Statement

    We believe that communities are happiest, healthiest, and indeed thrive most when there is full inclusion of everyone. Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities are sometimes under-appreciated in terms of their value and importance in their home communities. We believe that optimal psychiatric, other medical, and behavioral treatment and support helps people enjoy life and contribute to community.

    What We Are Up To

    Ruth has published her first book of fiction, a mystery novel

    Elizabeth Storm likes her well-organized life of mostly easy work, uncomplicated sex, and minimal attachments. Then a student, Bill, from a special education class asks her to find his brother. Everyone told her the brother was dead. She reluctantly enlists the help of an eccentric psychiatrist and a super-hot psychologist to help her get this information to Bill in a way he could understand. along the way Elizabeth encounters unexpected love, intense danger, and many people with disabilities. as she better understands the worlds of these individuals she is able to solve the mystery of Bill’s dead brother and so much more.
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